Editorial Policy

This Online Journal, “Peacekeeping This Month”, aims to create a platform for members of the Association and the Association’s stakeholders and partners, to share perspectives on anything peacekeeping, from policy, practice, teaching, training, education, learning and advocacy. In addition, the platform is designed to be used as an additional knowledge-sharing platform by the APSTA Secretariat for relevant publications and updates from different sources, in the area of peace and security in the African continent.

In this regard, the APSTA Secretariat invites interested institutions and individuals to use the “Peacekeeping This Month” platform to contribute informed opinions or share perspectives on all matters peacekeeping, peace operations or peace support operations.

Basic Submission Guidelines:

As much as possible, submissions should seek to provide independent, objective and insightful opinions on current issues and developments around the United Nations, African Union and other regional peace support operations, especially those that have resonance with African peace and security discourses.

  • These could cover:
    • Extracts of reports on peacekeeping field visits
    • Extracts of reports on peacekeeping policy-related workshops, seminars, round-tables, etc
    • Extracts of topical research initiatives and outcomes, and/or research colloquia
    • Commentaries on peacekeeping policies, doctrine and standard operating procedures
    • Developments, success stories and challenges of field missions
    • Special training initiatives and activities
    • Reviews of topical books on peacekeeping
  • Entries of between 1,000-1,200 and up to a maximum of 1,500 words should be submitted to: apsta@apsta-africa.org.
  • For any enquiries or additional information requests, use the above email address.