Report: Ten-Year AMISOM Lessons Learned Conference

The APSTA Peacekeeping This Month is pleased to share with you a report of a lessons learned workshop on AMISOM co-organized by AMISOM and the Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD) of the African Union, from 9 to 10 March 2017, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The report encompasses key recommendations that emanated from the workshop, organized according to the following thematic areas of focus on AMISOM: (a) Evolution of mandate; (b) Major characteristics of its “model”; (C) Operational successes and challenges; (d) Multidimensional components as an integrated mission; (e) Mission support regime; (f) Experiences of building the Somali security forces; (g) Relationships with its partners; and, (h) Exit strategy.

The background paper identified both challenges and opportunities, highlighting what has worked for AMISOM thus far as well as what could have worked better in the Mission. The lessons as identified by participants at the conference are structured along four key areas as follows;

=> The political level of decision-making: to determine whether AMISOM’s mandates and authorized resources are fit for purpose

=> The strategic management of AMISOM: to determine how far the AU Commission provides appropriate strategic guidance to AMISOM’s decision-making organs

=> The operational level: to determine the main challenges of command and control facing AMISOM’s leadership as well as how effectively the Mission’s military, police and civilian components are integrated

=> AMISOM’s exit strategy: to determine how the Mission might transform to facilitate a successful takeover by Somali security services.

To download and read the full report from AU website, click here.



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