Sustainable peace: Driving the African Peace and Security Architecture through ECOWAS

isslogoThe APSTA Peacekeeping This Month is pleased to share with you a research paper co-authored by Amanda Lucey and Moyosore Arewa, at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), titled “Sustainable peace: Driving the African Peace and Security Architecture through ECOWAS”. The paper looks at the linkages between the AU and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) through exploring the best practices and lessons learned from ECOWAS’ peace and security efforts and how it can enhance its implementation of the APSA.

The paper looks at ECOWAS’ attempts to address the root causes of conflicts rather than simply keeping the peace. It also examines the comparative advantages of RECs in relation to the AU.

Focusing in particular on ECOWAS’ efforts to sustain peace, it draws on academic and policy literature, as well as ECOWAS reports and frameworks. In addition it bases its recommendations on the findings of field research conducted in August 2016 with 18 stakeholders.

The paper outlines how ECOWAS has formalised its peace and security frameworks and departments, and looks at individual directorates that work across the conflict spectrum. It then examines ECOWAS’ engagements in the areas of early warning, and election observation and governance, as well as mediation and peacebuilding. It continues by examining ECOWAS’ efforts at institutional reform. Finally, it concludes by considering best practices from ECOWAS that can be shared with other RECs, with proposals on a way forward to strengthen ECOWAS–AU linkages.

To download and read the paper from the source, click here.


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