The Comprehensive Review of African Conflicts and Regional Interventions

imageAs the month of September draws to a close, the APSTA Peacekeeping This Month is pleased to share with you the Comprehensive Review of African Conflicts and Regional Interventions (CRACRI) 2016.

The publication of the CRACRI was informed by the reality that while conflicts are not peculiar to the African continent, their resolution requires understanding and analysis of the nature of conflicts, their causes, dynamics, actors and players.

In this context, the CRACRI seeks to provide its readers with:

=> A synopsis of the complexity of conflicts, particularly those in the hotspots on the continent, caused by mundane political, economic and social factors that are themselves not new or peculiar

=> Varied peace processes that reflect evolving complementary approaches by the AU, RECs/RMs and, inevitably, their external partners

=> A concise synopsis of the analyses of the evolution, trends, significant successes and major challenges of African PSOs, including their strategic aims and exit strategies

The CRACRI was published as a contribution towards enhancing African capacities for peace support operations. Mr Sivuyile Bam, Head of the Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD) at the AU Commission, who penned the Foreword to the publication opined that the CRACRI:

“…serves as support by the African Peace Support Trainers Association’s (APSTA) to the efforts of the Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD) and the Peace and Security Department (PSD) of the AU…I consider that the contribution from such a diverse mix of authors, including officials of the AU and RECs/RMs adds to the empirical richness of the publication…[and]…I am confident that this publication, which is also available online, will be a useful addition to the AU and APSTA libraries, especially for education and learning to enhance effective conflict resolution and management within Africa.”

The CRACRI was first launched during the 14th APSTA Conference and AGM (Cairo, 5-7 September 2016). The CRACRI was also presented at the 22nd IAPTC Conference (Sarajevo, 26-30 September 2016) to participating institutions and organisations. It is planned to launch the CRACRI at the 8th AU PSOD Training Implementation Workshop (TIW, Abuja, 25-28 October 2016. Efforts will be made to disseminate the CRACRI as widely as possible.

To download the publication, click here.


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