AMISOM under Review: RUSI Journal, March 2016

RUSI journal2 (1)The APSTA Peacekeeping This Month is pleased to share with you an article by Paul Williams in the RUSI Journal, on major challenges hindering the ability of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to accomplish its mandate. Against the backdrop of the strategic reviews of the Mission and its recent offensive operations, and in the usual matter-of-fact style, Paul identifies four challenges, namely the lethargic political process, the syndrome of Al-Shabaab being “down but not out”, intra-AMSIOM problems and the limitations of the Somali National Army as a critical operational partner.

On the assumption of the correctness of the paper’s analysis, Paul Williams suggests that:“The fundamental problems in Somalia are political and related to governance. This means that AMISOM cannot be expected to complete its mission until Somalia’s elites come to a consensus over the political future of their country. The sooner that can be engineered, the sooner AMISOM can begin to plan its withdrawal”.

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