The New Geopolitics of Peace Operations II: African Outlooks on Conflict Management

The APSTA Peacekeeping This Month is pleased to share with you five of the workshop reports for the regional dialogue meetings in Africa, on the New Geopolitics of Conflict (NGP), which was launched with support from the Finnish and Dutch Ministries for Foreign Affairs, and a continued partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES).

The NGP II: African Outlooks on Conflict Management, aims to enhance the understanding on how to best prepare peace operations for the diverse security environments on the continent while promoting local and international dialogue on the future of peace and security in Africa.

The project organises a series of dialogue meetings with key stakeholders in five African regions, to culminate in a global dialogue event and a variety of SIPRI publications.

It is arguable, as one of the key findings of the NGP initiative, that the majority of future peace operations are likely to take place in Africa, while the number and character of peace operations in Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, will be more limited. It is also arguable that the active engagement of African stakeholders, coupled with the emerging sense of shared security interests and partnerships, will continue to foster cooperation in the region.

We will share the final report when it is launched in New York, Brussels, and Addis Ababa, in the fall of 2016.


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