The New Peace and Security Council of the AU

The APSTA Peacekeeping This Month is pleased to share with you some reflections of Solomon Ayele Dersso, PhD, on today’s (28 January 2016) election of the new 15 members of the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC).

Having until recently been producing the AU PSC Reporting, a publication of the Institute for Security Studies (ISS, South Africa), Solomon possesses tremendous knowledge of the work of the AU PSC. Unsurprisingly, therefore, Dr Dersso provides deep insights into the dynamics of the current elections, including pointers to the regional politics of hegemony evidenced in the elections.

He also makes passing remarks about some of the inconsistencies bedeviling the AU as a system. He argues that the elections underscore the increasingly persistent practice of paying no attention to the requirements of Article 5(2) of the PSC Protocol in the election of PSC members. He highlights the fact that the provisions of this article on criteria stipulate ‘respect for constitutional governance, in accordance with the Lomé Declaration, as well as the rule of law and human rights’ as one of the key criteria for membership in the PSC.

On the contrary, he makes the point that like previous elections, several countries whose unsatisfactory human rights record has been pronounced by the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) in its report to the PRC and the Executive Council, continue to be elected to the PSC.

Perhaps more concerned by this observation, Solomon concludes with the sharp remark that ‘until such time that PSC Protocol Article 5(2) requirements are made to trump Article 5(1) requirements of regional representation and rotation in the year that is dedicated to human rights, it is unacceptable that this practice is allowed to continue’.

Read the full piece at: 

You may also wish to read the related piece titled The 2016 Election of the AU Peace and Security Council, at:


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